You do the farming, we find you the staff.

Cross Country Recruitment provides the best employee solutions for dairy farms. With an
in depth knowledge of the New Zealand Dairy Industry combined with employment law and the know how to ensure the right candidates arrive at your gate

Bringing Quality Workers to Your Gate

In New Zealand, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find farming staff who are hardworking, dedicated, and who will stay with an employer long term. This was one of the key issues that led to Warrick Ryan setting up Cross Country Recruitment.  

Cross Country Recruitment offers farm workers quality working conditions in a variety of New Zealand locations. For those looking to employ staff,  we know all too well how difficult it can be obtaining high calibre farm staff, so let us do the hard work for you.

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"Since taking over the family farm on the Hauraki Plains, staff seemed to be a bit of a revolving door for me. I had problems with commitment, character and reliability in the staff on the farm and this made me consider hiring a recruitment company. It has not always been smooth sailing, but anytime an issue has arisen Cross Country have been there to talk it through with my staff and help us find a resolution. If you need new staff on the farm, I recommend using Cross Country Recruitment."

Gavin Flint, Hauraki Plains

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