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Opportunity Changes Lives

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Good People

Working with people who genuinely want to move forward and care about the people around them.
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Right Person
Right Role

Ensuring the fit is right so everyone is set up for success.
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Creating a Pathway

Demystify and declutter the end-to-end journey needed to make it happen.

We solve people problems by providing opportunity-creating connections that change lives

CCR has the unique opportunity to pave the way for employers to understand the positive, if not life-changing, impact of giving opportunity to ‘alternative’ yet highly capable resource pools. We realise nothing comes easy, and real success comes from surrounding yourself with good people and investing in them, so everyone prospers.

The time is right to have the conversation around the power of diverse good staff.

The demand for quality, hard-working staff in New Zealand has increased over the past several years. This development pushed CC Recruitment to expand our offerings beyond our humble beginnings in dairy farming. Today we provide skilled workers to industries such as apiculture, animal handling, truck driving, mechanics, construction, manufacturing, housekeeping, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

Our services go beyond solving your employment needs – we make sure both employees and employers are happy. CC Recruitment has a talented team that specialises in recruitment, immigration and pastoral care, ensuring the successful placement of candidates across all business types.


  • People Matter
    We connect with people from a range of backgrounds and cultures, as we believe inclusion is a key driver for success
  • Think Differently
    We challenge norms and inspire acceptance of new approaches delivering better solutions
  • Make a Difference
    We listen and do what it takes to collaboratively navigate people through the process
  • Do What it Takes
    We are 110% invested in identifying the right solutions when problem-solving to deliver a win-win result


  • Work with others to create positive, and often life-changing, opportunities
  • Connect NZ employers to emerging resource pools
  • Simplify the process while providing impactful results
  • Empower growth within companies for a better tomorrow
  • Make use of our knowledge for the benefit of many
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As a full-service recruitment company, looking to always grow and offer better solutions for our clients, we have evolved our business and built CCR Group that serves as the mother company of CC Recruitment, CC Immigration, CC HR Support, and CC Education. We are proud to represent over 530 businesses and more than 1200 successfully placed candidates across a range of business types.

We have worked hard to get to where we are today, and we did it with the support of good people willing to be in the trenches with us.