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Employer Accreditation

Employer Led 3-Check System

Accreditation is the first step in INZ’s new 3-step process for employing migrant workers in a shift to create a more employer-led immigration system.

Employer Accreditation

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Step 01

Job Check

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Step 02

Visa Application

Step 03

Note: Migrants can continue to work under the conditions of their current visa until it expires (or they no longer meet the conditions of the visa). Employers do not need to make any changes until they want to hire a migrant on an AEWV.

There are 2 levels of compulsory accreditation for companies with standard business models depending on how many AEWV migrants the company employs

Standard Accreditation is required for companies employing up to 5 migrant workers on AEWVs at any one time.

High-volume Accreditation is required for companies employing 6 or more migrant workers at any one time.

Employers holding a standard accreditation can pay a fee to upgrade to a high-volume accreditation if necessary. Both levels of accreditation share the same minimum requirements within the current plan, but INZ has mentioned that additional requirements may be considered in the future for high-volume employers.

Franchisees and Employers

Franchisees and employers who place migrants with controlling third parties (such as labour hire companies) fall outside of the standard business model categories and must meet additional requirements to become accredited.

Accredited franchisees, labour hire companies, and companies who place labour with controlling third parties have no quota limits to the number of migrant workers employed on AEWVs at any one time.

Settlement Support Services

Employers must also provide settlement support for their new workers within one month of starting their employment covering all of the essentials for living and working in New Zealand.

This includes: relevant industry training, specific job or industry hazards, accommodation options, transport options, outlines to the cost of living, how to get an IRD number, how to access healthcare services, an introduction to the Citizens Advice Bureau, and information about relevant community groups.

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with INZ requirements, or provide evidence upon an INZ audit, may result in your application or renewal being declined, or your accredited employer status being revoked.

Accreditation Length

Employer accreditation for standard businesses lasts 12 months initially, then increases to 24 months upon renewal.

The period of accreditation for franchisees and employers placing workers with controlling third parties remains as a 12-month period when their accreditation is renewed.

Become an Accredited Employer

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