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It's more fun in the Philippines!

My family (Andrea, Lucas and Santiago Ryan) and I were lucky enough to get a break over the Xmas period and chose to spend this time in the Philippines gaining a greater affinity with the culture and traditions of a country and people we have grown to love. Filipino people have sometimes been characterised to a Chameleon who easily adapt to unlike environments and thrive to survive. This unique ability ensures the success of Filipino people in environments like the New Zealand dairy industry tha...

January 21, 2018

I don't know about climate change, but it's been a bloody unusual season

The rain started in April, we hardly came up for air and now it’s a drought. What is going on out there? Safe to say, it was not a bad year to call it quits on farming. Now for those of you out their amongst it, I hope this year comes to an end soon and things start to look up for 2018. This year's weather has been partly due to warmer than average sea surface temperatures around and to the north of New Zealand, increasing the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere. Regions in the west and n...

December 12, 2017

I thought we voted National – Labour’s in charge, can we still hire Filipinos?

This blog will be my first of many to keep clients, candidates and friends of Cross Country Recruitment Limited up to speed on the issues facing our industry. The turnout of voters for the 2017 election was 73% more than those that showed up in 2011 and 42% higher than votes made in 2014. We should feel comfortable that the government in power today is representing more New Zealanders than ever before. But do we feel this way? Aside from the recent election, voter turnout has been on a downward ...

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