The Story of Cross Country Recruitment

Initially starting as a venture operating out of a dairy shed in rural Matamata, we soon had our head above water, placing staff on farms scattered across the country, and the rest is history!

Cross Country Recruitment is now founder Warrick Ryan's full time passion. We have a talented team who specialise in sales, pastoral care, and immigration services. We are proud to represent over 400 dairy farms, and more than 800 people currently employed in the dairy sector.

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Founder Warrick Ryan in a cow shed
From a venture operating in a Matamata dairy shed...

Cross Country Recruitment at the Fieldays a full time passion, finding you the right staff or work!

Get What You Deserve: Quality Staff for Quality Employers

Stressed farmer without staff
Not having staff is stressful...

Filipino dairy staff
No worries! The A-Team has arrived.

Filipino dairy farmers sitting down
Ready for action!

Filipino farmers working as team
Reinforcements Deployed!

Farmer with cat and 2 dogs
Giving farmers the work/life balance they deserve

Farmers wife and their son
Always time for the family

Farm ute reversed into a fence
Still the odd hiccup, perhaps... ;)

Filipino farmers having beers with employers
An unforgettable working experience

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