Step 1. Consultation. Step 2. Analysis. Step 3. Interviews. Step 4. Select candidate

Farm recruitment has never been easier!

We know all too well how difficult it can be obtaining high caliber farm staff. Cross Country Recruitment will do all the hard work for you, leaving you to focus on the other matters – like how much money and sanity you save by having decent workers on board. We share an in depth knowledge of New Zealand employment law combined with the farming know how to ensure the right candidates arrive at your gate.

We will come to you at the house or the shed to see and discuss what you need from your future workers. If you need, Cross Country Recruitment can provide you with the contracts, comprehensive job descriptions and all other administrative matters relating to your staff.

Filipino farmer sitting on feeding tank, surrounded by cows, with a selfie stick
Two farmers on a quad bike with dog wearing a hi-vis and glasses

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