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CC Recruitment handles recruitment and immigration processes on behalf of employers to place overseas staff in multiple industries and locations throughout New Zealand. We help migrants find quality employers and employers find the best candidates for their business.
We help New Zealand companies hire workers from overseas. We focus mainly on Filipino talent as they are some of the best in the world. We also have a Philippine-based team that helps us process applications from the country and employment requests from New Zealand.
We can only accept those candidates who have at least two years of experience working abroad, with documented evidence of that employment.

New Zealand is a safe place to live and work, with an excellent healthcare system. It is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. The natural environment is very beautiful, and the people are laid back and friendly. Check out the following website for more information:

Each position in New Zealand has a different component of accommodation and salary dependent on the on the role and the qualifications or experience required. Generally, a starting position in New Zealand would start at around NZD$52000 annually for a low-skilled role, however this can increase if more hours are required or if a mid-skilled position is offered. The package would be a combination of salary and accommodation value.

Accommodation is provided by all employers. Either in accommodation owned by the employer or rented in a town nearby the workplace. All accommodation will be furnished with the basic necessities. Where rent/board is provided by the employer, there will be a deduction from your weekly/fortnightly pay for the cost of the accommodation at market rate. This accommodation value will make up part of your annual salary.

Most employment contracts in New Zealand are not for a fixed period. Generally, you will have a 12-month rolling contract. More information about the New Zealand employment law regarding contracts can be found here:

Employees in New Zealand are entitled to four weeks annual paid leave and ten sick days per annum. You are required to work six months for your employer before obtaining sick leave entitlements and twelve months before obtaining annual leave. Check out this website for more information:

Internet reception is quite good in New Zealand. While it is somewhat expensive to make phone calls, calls over Internet data are more cost-effective. You can contact your family any time. Generally, it is better to do this outside of work hours.

The employer. Workers will not be charged any fees regarding their placement in New Zealand. All expenses are covered by your employer in New Zealand including OEC processing. You will be required to arrange your own medical and police clearance.

Your visa is dependent on Immigration New Zealand processing times. These can vary depending on how many applications are being dealt with at the time. From the time the visa is lodged with INZ, generally it can take four to six weeks for the visa to be approved. You can find updates on the following website:

Dependent on the type of visa you gain, you will likely arrive in New Zealand with a visa for 12-36 months. If your meet the requirements of the employer and both parties are interested to renew the visa for a longer term, it is likely that the visa cost will be assisted by your employer in New Zealand. This will depend on your employment situation.

Once you gain an accredited employer work visa, you can support a visitor visa for your partner and visitor or student visas for dependent children. Your partner would need to find employment and gain their own accredited employer work visa to be able to work in New Zealand. Visas for your partner and children are valid for the same period as the principal applicant’s work visa.

Following the interview process, your CV and interview will be put forward to employers in New Zealand that have engaged with CCR to find staff. The quality of your interview is an important factor in order to be selected. It will take two to four weeks for the selection process to take place. If your application is successful, one of the team will be in touch to confirm the job offer and begin the documentation process for your visa application. The overall process can take two to three months from onboarding until deployment.

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